Dry Guy
DryGuy Review

 The Thermanator - Ski Boot, Skate and Glove Dryer!
bulletDry your Ski Boots, Skates and Gloves!
bulletNo More Cold Feet and Hands!
bulletNo More Smelly Boots, or Gloves!


The Thermanator holds garment upside down permitting moist heavy air to readily exit.  Provides air that is heated to an average 35 degree F delta T., resulting in a body temperature environment.  Wall mount saves precious floor space in condos, cabins or mudroom. 

Radiant heat moves warm air over the interior and exterior surfaces of the garment utilizing energy efficient (40 watt) convection currents.  Designed to accommodate four garments that can be rapidly loaded or unloaded.


bulletSkiers will always have dry ski boots and gloves 
bulletSkaters can keep their skates and gloves dry 
bulletDry, moist free boots and gloves are warmer and will keep you warmer longer



Feet and Hands have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch.


Moisture breeds fungus and bacteria that create odor and disease.


Moist garments are up to 25 times colder than dry garments.


Because boots, shoes and gloves are closed end garments, they do not dry well without the aid of dryers


Thermanator   US 120V AC Power Source